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Palloorang™ is an innovative high-quality reusable pallet wrapper.

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Forget about plastic wrapping

Palloorang™ replaces traditional, CO2 heavy plastic wrap for pallets.


Save up to 82% in wrapping cost.

Reusable 500+ times, Palloorang™ costs on average $0.16 per use. Compare to the industry average true cost for wrapping, $0.40–0.70.


Save 80% or more in CO2 emissions.

Our reusable pallet wrapper is disrupting the logistics and ecommerce industries with its outstanding CO2 savings.


Save future brand reputation.

Consumers, governments and the media will all play their part in the coming years as they demand brands achieve challenging CO2 cuts.

Why is Palloorang™ better than plastic film?

It's more efficient

Tests have shown wrapping pallets with Palloorang™ is up to 3x faster than manual wrapping, and even matches the speed of a pallet wrapping machine – eradicating the need for heavy investments in machinery.

It's more future proof

Governments are cracking down on single-use plastics and some have even banned its use. All brands will soon be forced to switch to reusable. Make the switch now, and stay ahead of your competition.

It's a statement

As global media increasingly focus on sustainable initiatives among brands large and small, shifting to reusable pallet wrapping is a true statement of intent while cutting 85% of your CO2 footprint.

Ready to make a difference?

Elevate your brand with carbon neutral packaging. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist your business.