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Why Packoorang?

Consumers and governments demand change. Reusable packaging is the only good answer.

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Circular packaging is the future.

Are you ready?

Get more loyal customers.

Customers are more loyal to environmentally responsible brands. 36% of consumers say they judge a brand’s ethics on their packaging. 25% are willing to spend 20% more on a product if the packaging is sustainable.

Reduce shipping cost.

Shipping air is expensive. With Packoorang bags, which shape around the content stored inside them, you could save up to 30% on shipping. As a bonus, our customers say they’re able to free up significant storage space.

Reduce damaged goods.

Our bags are not only fully padded, they are also weatherproof. Contrary to cardboard, recycled polyester protects against both rain, dirt and dust. Fewer product damaged in transit could mean huge potential savings.

Reduce labor cost.

Packing with Packoorang has been found to be 35 seconds more efficient than cardboard, per shipment. If you sent 1M shipments annually (2739 packages daily) this would yield 833 labor hours saved.

Reduce waste and taxes.

Our padded bags require no fillers or tape. 1M shipments could save you 50k EUR or more. Single-use packaging is also taxed, whereas reusable packaging products are typically except from any such tax duties.

Get free marketing.

Sustainable marketing isn’t only timely, it also drives revenue. Unilever announced at the end of 2019 that their purpose-driven brands grew 69% faster than their other brands and delivered 75% of the growth.

Sustainability isn't a nice-to-have for businesses. In fact, it has become an imperative.
Keith Weed Unilever CMO/CCO – Packoorang
Keith Weed Unilever CMO/CCO


We use state of the art manufacturing for maximum carbon efficiency. We only spend 10.9g CO2 to produce our smallest bag. Compare this to 100–500g CO2 for single-use cardboard.



Transportation from origin country to your destination is guaranteed to require less CO2 than cardboard, due to the lightweight nature of recycled polyester.



Every time our bags circle, we save another cardboard box, tape and fillers to be manufactured and, typically, shipped across the globe. We rely on reverse logistics to keep our circular footprint at a minimum.


Carbon offset

Through our partnership with the world-renown carbon offset company 3Degrees, each bag we produce is 100% carbon compensated – both manufacturing, initial transport and 50 trips (reuses).