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About us

Packoorang is a fast-growing, government-backed startup from Oslo, Norway.

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Made in Norway

Born out of Oslo, crowned “European Green City” in 2019, Packoorang’s vision for the future is a world where single-use packaging is a thing of the past.

Meet the founders

Packoorang came to life on the back of growing frustrations and concerns with the trash generated by the exploding ecommerce industry.

Alvin Damman Leer & Natasha Abbas – Packoorang
Alvin Damman Leer & Natasha Abbas

lnnovation Norway, the government instrument for national innovation.

It’s only natural (pun intended) that a country so rich in natural beauty should spend its resources on protecting the environment. We are immensely proud of the support we have received from the government through Innovation Norway.

Packoorang is a member of the SIVA (government) funded incubator Kjeller Innovation

Through our incubator membership, we are able to draw on significant manpower as well as all-important competence.